Yourtopia introduction

Welcome to Yourtopia sofa film festival. It’s a festival without venue, prizes, press passes or tickets, but with themes, debate and possible side effects on the way we live ;). This is how it works:  we post titles of films (fact & fiction and inbetween) on this blog, films, which explore alternative ways of living (together): experiments in infrastructure development, (natural) recources reconsidered, knowledge transfer outside the formal education system, ideas for the built environment or economic models … – you get the idea. Enough time spent on critical analysis of what we don’t like about current systems. Now let’s see, discuss, and imagine alternative worlds – and to start with, on film.

Many of these films are freely available for download or as stream, they can be sourced in video rental stores, or simply join us, there’s spare place on our sofa… and please post your film suggestions and film feedback, if we don’t get to speak in person :)!